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Principal's Welcome

It is a pleasure to be the principal of Bellerive Primary School and having the responsibility of delivering our goal to prepare students to be literate, numerate, responsible citizens who value learning and continually challenge themselves in everything that they do.

Our school community is a very supportive one that values their school and is proud of our combined achievements. Connecting and constantly engaging with our community is at the core of what we do here at Bellerive. 

We are a large urban primary school with a history dating back to 1843. We have a capacity of 500 students and a healthy resource of human, financial, and community support to best deliver outstanding learning and social outcomes to our students and their families.

 At Bellerive, my job is for us to have a clear focus on what matters most in our school to get the best out of our resources with the goal of improving learning outcomes for all.

 To achieve this and deliver on our mission statement we only have three focuses in our school that never change:

1. To deliver outstanding teaching pedagogy (Effective Teaching)
2. To constantly build a supportive school culture (Supportive Schools)
3. To connect and engage with our community (Connected Community)

It is my strong belief that in building and leading schools, to move from good to great requires a constant balance of the above three foci at all times.

I would love to have the opportunity in showing you around our school and sharing with you how these elements come to life in our classrooms, and in the children that you see at Bellerive Primary School.

Duncan Groves